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Corporate and Service Club Exhibitor Sites





Corporate Site Fees:
Site Fees (For the 4 days of the Flea Markets) – includes 2 passes $600.00
Reserve your site for both Spring and Fall Flea Markets and save! $1000.00
Hydro (limited sites) $50.00
Overflow Vehicles – does not include event pass $20.00
Weekend Pass (not included with site fee) $20.00
Extra Exhibitor worker 4 day pass $20.00
Portable Toilet $155.00

We offer discounted rates for Charities and Service Clubs.
Please contact Lisa at our office for further details.


No Pets will be allowed in the park!


Hours of Operation – Gate # 5
Wednesday through to Saturday - 7:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday – 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location is in the Show Field next to public entrance.


Terms & Conditions:

1. Corporate Exhibitors register at Gate #5. You may arrive anytime Wednesday to set up displays for Thursday at 7:00 a.m. when Flea Market opens for the public.
2. Upon arrival, contact registration for field site location.
3. Displays are expected to remain on site and open for the public until Sunday 5:00 p.m. closing
4. Corporate spaces are 20’ x 20’ in the show field.
5. Site fee includes 2 Adult Passes
6. No parking of personal vehicles on site. Registrants of the site may park free across the road in General Parking on a daily basis.
7. Exhibitors must rotate passes to ensure people at their booth have possession upon arrival or they will be charged applicable admission price.
8. No overnight camping on Corporate Sites.
9. Canopies, tents and booths on site only.
10. Must display a professional image.
11. Absolutely no vending of products. Any products on site are for display purposes ONLY.
12. All giveaways of promotion matter and material must have written approval from BAFM.
13. No “For Sale” signs allowed in vehicles.
14. No ATV’s or fuel motorized vehicle will be permitted to operate in the park without prior written consent of Park Officials. Vendors and Exhibitors are not permitted to drive in the vending fields or park with vehicles, mini bikes or golf carts during the event.
15. If an electric motorized vehicle is used in the park, a Liability Insurance of $2,000,000 must be provided for this vehicle to be operated. A business or homeowner's policy will quite often insure the vehicle with a rider for coverage.

Rules & Regulations
1. Each Exhibitor or Vendor shall be restricted to showing only those good described in this agreement, and shall confine its exhibit, activities and operations to the licensed space. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Exhibitor shall be prohibited from handing out coupons, samples or other materials belonging to or promoting the wares or activities of third parties and shall strictly confine all permitted activities to the licensed space. In addition, use of the space shall be strictly restricted to the Exhibitor and the Exhibitor shall not assign, ether in part or in whole, otherwise permit the participation of any third party in any of the activities, undertaking or displays in the licensed space, without the prior express written consent of the Licensor. In the event of the failure of the Exhibitor to utilize all its space to the satisfaction of the Licensor, it may at any time after the opening hour of the show allot any vacant space to such other applicant, as it may deem appropriate, in its sole discretion, for the benefit of the exhibition. The Licensor reserves the right to relocate contracted exhibit space as it may deem necessary, in its sole discretion for the overall benefit of the exhibition.
2. The use of said space shall be subject to the rules and regulations appearing on the contract and appearing in the “Exhibitor/Vendor Information Kit” and to all further rules and now and hereafter adopted for the conduct of the said Show, which are hereby, made a part of this agreement and to which the Exhibitor agrees strictly to conform. The Exhibitor further acknowledges that the Licensor is a party to an Occupancy agreement pursuant to which the use and occupation of the building or site or space by the Licensor and all Exhibitors is governed. The Exhibitor agrees to be bound by the terms, conditions/ rules/regulations set forth in such agreement.
The Licensor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decline, prohibit or remove any exhibit, Exhibitor or proposed exhibit or Exhibitor not approved of by it, and to permit only such matter and conduct as it shall approve. The above reservation covers persons, things, conduct, printed matter, souvenirs and emblems, and all things which effect the character of the exhibition, and the Exhibitor shall not obstruct or hinder the Licensor in preventing or removing forthwith any matter, conduct or thing which it considers objectionable.
All property used or exhibited is at the sole risk of the Exhibitor, and the Licensor will not assume any responsibility for the safety of exhibits against theft, robbery, fire, accidents or any other matter or thing whatsoever, or for bodily injury or damage to property or persons caused by the operations of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor understands and agrees that the Licensor shall assume no responsibility for representations or warranties given by the Exhibitor to the public in regard to its products and services or for transactions or contracts between the Exhibitor and the public, or for any loses or damage arising therefrom.
The Exhibitor shall hold the Licensor harmless from any damage, expense or liability, to or in respect to any person, arising out of the Exhibitors occupancy of the said licensed space or any thing or matter connected with such occupancy or the activities of the
Exhibitor, its servants, agents or employees in conjunction therewith, whether or not such activities shall occur in the licensed space, the building or elsewhere.
Under no circumstances shall any portion of an exhibit be removed from the licensed space during the continuance of the show without prior written permission of the Licensor. The Exhibitor will cause all exhibits, equipment and product to be removed from the Show premises on the date and time specified as “Exhibitor Removal Deadline” in the “Exhibitor Information Package”. The Licensor shall be entitled to removal of exhibits, equipment and products of the Exhibitor to any place of storage, and the Exhibitor shall be liable for all additional charges and damages incurred by the Licensor for or by reason of all such property of the Exhibitor left on the show premises or other environs after such deadline.
The Licensor reserves the right, exercisable in its sole discretion, to change the date or dates upon which the Show is to be held and shall not be liable in damages or otherwise by reason for such change. In the event the Show is cancelled because of reason
beyond the control of the Licensor, space rental fees or deposits already made will be returned to Exhibitors on a pro rata, after all related expenses incurred by the Licensor through the date of cancellation have been met, and the licensor shall be released from
any and all claims for damage which might arise in consequence thereof.
The Exhibitor agrees to observe all union contracts and labour relation agreements in force, agreements between the Licensor, official contractor service companies and the building, site or space in which the Show will take place and the labour laws of the
jurisdiction in which the building, site or space is located.
No amount paid or payable by the Exhibitor hereunder is refundable in the event the Exhibitor does not use the reserved space. The Licensor shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all Rules and Regulations whether contained herein or
otherwise and the power to make such amendments thereto and such further rules and regulations governing participation in the Show as it shall consider necessary for the proper conduct of the said Show. If the Exhibitor fails to make any said payments at the
time appointed therefore, all rights of the Exhibitor hereunder shall cease and terminate, and any payments made by it on account hereof prior to said time may be retained by the Licensor as liquidate damages for the breach of this Agreement, and the Licensor
may thereupon re-license said space. The Licensor may ant any time that the Exhibitor fails to pay any indebtedness owed by the Exhibitor to Licensor, after demand, seize and sell any property of the Exhibitor within Show premises or their environs, either at
public auction or by private sale, and may apply the proceeds thereof against such indebtedness, together with its costs, without prejudice to any other rights of the Licensor, and the Exhibitor shall be liable for any deficiency or loss suffered by the Licensor. This license may be terminated by the Licensor at any time on the breach of any of the terms and conditions hereof by the Exhibitor, and thereupon all rights of the Exhibitor hereunder shall cease and terminate, and any payments made by it on account hereof to said termination shall be retained by the Licensor as liquidated damages for such breach, and the Licensor made thereupon re-license said space. Until the application is accepted by the Licensor, the Exhibitor shall be entitled to the return of rent paid, upon notice in writing to the Licensor.
In the event that any provision of these terms, conditions and rules shall be found to be illegal or otherwise unenforceable, the balance of these terms, condition or rule is not contained herein. No waiver or permitted variation of any provision hereof shall be taken to permit any future waiver or variation of such provision. The exhibitor hereby consents to the use of any pictures or other images by the Licensor in subsequent promotion of this Show or any other Show of the Licensor.
11. There is no representation, warranty or condition made by binding upon the Licensor affecting the subject matter of this Agreement of the said space other than expressed herein or in the “Exhibitor/Vendor Information Package” or in writing signed by the Licensor. Nothing herein shall be construed as consulting as constituting the Exhibitor and the Licensor partners, joint ventures or agents of one another. The Licensor reserves the right to determine the eligibility and appropriateness of exhibits before acceptance of the contract. The contract and any disputes that may arise here-from shall be interpreted and governed by accordance with Ontario Law. The parties hereby irrevocably attorney to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Province of Ontario, it being the intention of the parties that all disputes be settled by the Courts of the Province of Ontario applying the laws.

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